The 'La Carxofa' project seeks to offer training courses in communication and the social and solidarity economy to people who are dedicated to social communication.

MKT Space
MKT Space. 2021. Font: The Artichoke.

La Carxofa Virtual School is an educational project promoted by two Catalan audiovisual cooperatives, BRUNA and MTK Space that offers free content or at a social price on communication from the perspective of the social and solidarity economy with the idea of training and giving to know the models and ways of doing things within the collective.

Learn about communication, storytelling and self-production

La Carxofa courses can be taken online by registering on the web platform beforehand. A total of 6 courses of between 4 and 6 hours are now available and can be taken for free:

  1. From scratch to stream with Bitlab
  2. Do you speak inclusively? with The Clear Communication
  3. Zeros and ones, internet and ethics with Bitlab
  4. Identify yourself and explain who you are, which is important enough with Bruna
  5. We used to draw mammoths in caves and now we make real ones with Bruna
  6. Silence! We are rolling with Bitlab