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Join the Technology Sector Barometer in Catalonia 2016

Posted on 12/04/2016
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Baròmetre del sector tecnològic
Baròmetre del sector tecnològic. Source: Web del CTecno. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

For the eighth consecutive year CTecno realizes the Technological Sector Barometer in Catalonia, a study on the evolution of the ICT sector in our country comprehensively analyzing the situation of the companies and their evolution in the coming years. Catalonia Technology Circle encourages you to participate and contribute with your opinion!

The questionnaire, containing the results of the study this year, is now available, and you can fill it through these links. If you are a company in the ICT sector can respond through the survey of supply while if any other sector professionals are seekers of ICT, answer the survey request.

The data obtained will be treated in strict confidence and analyzed jointly used only to draw conclusions and general trends.

People participating in the survey will receive the results of the study by a detailed report with data and analysis on the state and evolution of the Catalan technology sector, as well as practical recommendations on short- and long-term progress Rid market changes.

You can consult the latest edition of the Barometer, conducted last year here.