Now that the sessions have ended regional network CatLab from the blog of the Institute of Lifelong Learning IL3- University of Barcelona wanted to dig deeper into this digital social innovation program and interviewed Ricard Faura.

"CatLab is a government program, approved last November, trying to integrate all the agents of Catalonia are doing digital social innovation in the region. Its aim is, on one hand, put them in touch while involve them in projects on a larger scale, carried out at the country level, following the guidelines set by the European Commission. in the case of Catalonia, have them identified and now you are looking CatLab is to generate a share, a dynamic between them. " This explains Ricard Faura, Head of Digital Inclusion and Training of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society, the program CatLab and when is the initiative.

You can read the interview at this link or watch it on video.