Cartell de la programació d'hivern 2020 al Punt TIC Palau Plegamans
Cartell de la programació d'hivern 2020 al Punt TIC Palau Plegamans. Author: Punt TIC Palau Plegamans. 2020. License: BY-SA.

Apart from continuing with formations last quarter, they have included some new features, such as the photography course , specific spreadsheet training with free software (LibreOffice) and talks-workshops . Below we will discuss in more detail.

ACTIC Content Based Training:

  • alphabetical : introduction to computer science, basic training to start in the world of ICT. It is extended to 4 groups at 1: 30h weekly with a duration of 9 sessions. The days of training are the afternoons of Monday or Friday and the mornings of Tuesday or Thursday. Training quarterly.
  • ACTIC Capsules - ACTIC-themed training based on a variety of subjects. Expands to 3 groups with a duration of 1: 30h a week until April 3. It is performed on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays in the morning. Training quarterly
  • LibreOffice Calc - free spreadsheet software. Group of 3h weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning until April 1.

Other technological training:

  • Mobile : initiation in the use of the mobile device and to know all its possibilities. Duration 1: 30h a week on Wednesdays afternoon until April 1. Training quarterly.
  • Photography : Introduction to digital photography, how to learn to take good pictures. Duration 1: 30h a week on Thursdays afternoon until April 2. Training quarterly.
  • Senior Programming and Code - The senior club to learn and create programming and code projects. Weekly group on Tuesdays afternoon. Annual training.

Other training sessions:

  • Workshop talks : a thematic space surrounded by technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. Every month there are new proposals.
  • Open space: space with computers available to users, to solve doubts in the field of technology.