At the TIC Palau Point they extend their programming during the months of February and March, including photographic and free software activities.

Cartell de la programació d'hivern 2020 al Punt TIC Palau Plegamans
Cartell de la programació d'hivern 2020 al Punt TIC Palau Plegamans. Author: Punt TIC Palau Plegamans. 2020. License: BY-SA.

Apart from continuing with formations last quarter, they have included some new features, such as the photography course , specific spreadsheet training with free software (LibreOffice) and talks-workshops . Below we will discuss in more detail.

ACTIC Content Based Training:

  • alphabetical : introduction to computer science, basic training to start in the world of ICT. It is extended to 4 groups at 1: 30h weekly with a duration of 9 sessions. The days of training are the afternoons of Monday or Friday and the mornings of Tuesday or Thursday. Training quarterly.
  • ACTIC Capsules - ACTIC-themed training based on a variety of subjects. Expands to 3 groups with a duration of 1: 30h a week until April 3. It is performed on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays in the morning. Training quarterly
  • LibreOffice Calc - free spreadsheet software. Group of 3h weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning until April 1.

Other technological training:

  • Mobile : initiation in the use of the mobile device and to know all its possibilities. Duration 1: 30h a week on Wednesdays afternoon until April 1. Training quarterly.
  • Photography : Introduction to digital photography, how to learn to take good pictures. Duration 1: 30h a week on Thursdays afternoon until April 2. Training quarterly.
  • Senior Programming and Code - The senior club to learn and create programming and code projects. Weekly group on Tuesdays afternoon. Annual training.

Other training sessions:

  • Workshop talks : a thematic space surrounded by technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. Every month there are new proposals.
  • Open space: space with computers available to users, to solve doubts in the field of technology.