The image of the article ¿Cómo crear una comunidad?
The image of the article ¿Cómo crear una comunidad?. Font: Coworking Spain.

It is possible to open a coworking space and then look for people who are interested in establishing their office there and collaborate with each other. The article of Coworking Spain How to create a commmunity? notes that experts say it is better to have a community first and then create the coworking. It quotes the guru of coworking in Philadelphia, Alex Hillman, who considers "essential to create a community before opening a coworking space." His experience led him to this statement, as he and colleagues created first the community Indy Hall and after a coworking space.

It is therefore more than desirable to first create a community. But what does community mean? For Coworking Spain it is more than a group of people and explains that you need to count on three factors: Community participation, active relations and community empathy. In addition, it says the six ingredients needed to create one:

  1. Organize events.
  2. Attend in group to all events.
  3. Organize "Jellys" (occasional meetings where a small group of people work together in an informal setting).
  4. Convert in real virtual networks.
  5. Encourage the group.
  6. Have patience.

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