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How are we building smart cities in Catalonia?

Posted on 02/03/2020
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Do you know what the SmartCatalonia Observatory and Laboratory are and what opportunities does it offer? And how can we use 5G technology to serve people? We explain it in this video .

On January 23, the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration organized the SmartCatalonia Congress , the leading event in the field of smart cities in Catalonia where the SmartCatalonia Observatory and Laboratory were presented .

We talk to Joan Duran , ICT SmartCatalonia project manager , in this video he explains the advantages of the SmartCatalonia Observatory , a web space to share everything within the smart ecosystem in Catalonia, as well as the SmartCatalonia Laboratory , the site of work to advise municipalities, county councils and councils.

Rosa Paradell , director of innovation and development at i2CAT Foundation , tells us how 5G technology is a technology designed to help people , not just the economic sector.