The NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia and the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya offer three grants to participate in the 2023 Space Studies Program of the International Space University. The aim is to train students to enter the professional world in the field of space economy and space industry.

ISU Space Studies Program 2022
ISU Space Studies Program 2022. 2022. Font: ISU Space Studies Program.

The Space Studies Program (SSP) offers a 9-week developmental experience during the summer months for final stages of higher education students. The main objective is to train students to enter the professional world in the field of space economy and space industry. The 35th edition of the program will take place in São José dos Campos (Brazil), from June 26 to August 25, 2023 . The deadline for submitting candidacies to the ISU is March 15, 2023 .

The grants are part of the 'Talent and Society' program of theNewSpace Strategy of Catalonia , which promotes activities aimed at the recruitment, generation and retention of all that talent with capabilities to develop solutions in the NewSpace field. The amount is 7,000 euros per person, which will help partially offset the costs associated with participating in the program.

Candidates will have to cover approximately 1,000 euros, travel expenses to the SSP headquarters and medical insurance. Accommodation and meals throughout the duration of the program are included in the registration fee. To take part in this call, candidates must go through and pass the ISU admissions procedure. The ISU eligibility requirements and the selection procedure can be found at this link .

In addition, candidates must meet the following participation requirements:

• Have completed at least 3 years of university studies at the start of the SSP course

• Being studying for a bachelor's or master's degree in Catalonia, or having recently completed them (within the last three years)

• High level of English

• Include in the letter of motivation for the ISU your interest in the NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia (minimum 250 words).