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In the gothic of Tàrrega they launch a new winter program

Posted on 03/02/2020
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Activitat #gòTICestiu19 del gòTIC Ajuntament de Tàrrega
Activitat #gòTICestiu19 del gòTIC Ajuntament de Tàrrega, for gòTIC de Tàrrega. 2019. Licence: BY

The # gòTIChivern20 program at the Tàrrega Gothic ICT Point includes tools for the digital empowerment of citizens and the improvement of employability with the help of ICT.

At the Tàrrega Gothic ICT Point , the new quarter of 2020 has begun, with many free activities to contribute to the digital empowerment of the citizens of the town of Tàrrega and Urgell.

The programming includes courses to learn how all your smartphone can offer, improve ICT employability, create a personal webpage or learn to use digital tools such as Pinterest or WhatsApp.

Registration is open. For more information you can consult the website of the ICT point.