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Google Maps offers accessibility information, thanks to citizen participation

Posted on 20/07/2017
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Google Maps now offers accessibility information
Google Maps now offers accessibility information, for Google

Google has enabled an option to add accessibility details to sites in Google Maps and its search engine. With the help of its users already has information on almost 7 million sites and expects to receive many more contributions.

When a person goes in a wheelchair or has a visual disability, moving around a city can be complicated. Google Maps aims to give them a hand, offering information about the accessibility of public places around the world. To achieve this, also wants to have the collaboration of this group, so that they will notify the architectural barriers that they find in their daily life.

Anyone with or without a disability can share this information through the Google Maps application from a phone or tablet with Android. The data can be viewed on any platform, but contributions can just be done with an Android user.

In the "Your Contributions" section, the application will ask if the place has ramps, elevators, parking lots, bathrooms and seats designed for people who need wheelchairs or other devices to move around.

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