The Palau TIC Point opens registrations for free online training during the first quarter of 2021 on various topics such as photography, mobile applications or memory exercises. Do you want to know them?

Training 1st quarter 2021 TIC Point Palau
Training 1st quarter 2021 TIC Point Palau. Author: Punt TIC Palau. 2021. License: All rights reserved.

The formations are:

  • alfabeTIC: Introduction to computing and the Internet.
  • ICT capsules: Telegram, Jitsi, digital walls, Google Classroom, Google Sites and webinars.
  • Photography and photographic challenge: initiation.
  • Android: mobile use.
  • LibreOffice: Writer.
  • Club Code: Introduction to Scratch and Micro: bit.
  • Club Memory: Exercises to exercise memory.
  • ACTIC test preparation

You can register here.