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The EU wants to know your opinion on the Internet of the future!

Posted on 29/11/2016
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Next Generation Internet
Next Generation Internet. 2016. Source: European Comission

The European Commission launched the initiative "Next Generation Internet", which aims to give a new look to the future of the network with a broad and inclusive perspective. The first step is to know the opinion of Europeans.

The Internet is ever more critical for most aspects of our daily life, for work, education and leisure. The next generation Internet will be even more pervasive, working with and through many different devices and sensors, and will present completely new functions and characteristics. It can become a more human Internet, and contribute to a stronger presence and competiveness of the EU worldwide. Given the importance of the Internet, both private and public interests in the domain are huge, and may dramatically change the way Internet will work in the future. Thus, the European Comission launchea Next Generation Internet, as a first step to know the opinion of the public.

To do this, wants to open a "broad conversation" with a query addressed to the actors who will be the engine of the new Internet generation: young researchers, the new generation of Internet startuppers and civil society. Through the survey asks collaboration to help set priorities for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

The European Commission encourages citizens to spend 15-20 minutes to answer the survey (available in English). The deadline for doing so is 9 January 2017. A report with the results of this consultation will be published in January 2017.

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