Imatge per il·lustrar Apps de meditació i Mindfulness del taller del Punt TIC Palau
Imatge per il·lustrar Apps de meditació i Mindfulness Punt TIC Palau. Author: Pexels. 2019. License: BY-SA.

So- called mindfulness is a specific type of meditation that focuses on the present to achieve a state of complete self-awareness : as you connect with your emotions, you can identify and control the negative feelings that are emerging. .

It's a technique that has been shown to improve concentration and relieve pressure , and its benefits can be noticed as soon as you start practicing it.

Attending this session was a success and introduced the basics of mindfulness to simple meditation practices.

Meditation Apps

Meditation apps provide you with very useful tools to get you started: Guided meditation sessions, soundscapes, and focus on specific topics, such as insomnia relief, are great resources for you. handy whenever you need them.
All of these meditation apps emphasize the importance of simple breathing exercises, essential for any kind of conscious meditation.

We can begin by practicing only a few minutes a day, gradually and gradually deepening. Also, we don't have to practice alone.

This selection of Apps , for both Android and IOS , are designed to allow you to set aside a few minutes each day to stay calm , doing nothing but calm your mind, focus on breathing and allow a little light to penetrate. among the black clouds of anxiety.