The Table of Entities of the Third Social Sector of Catalonia, through the m4social project and with the collaboration of the SinergiaTIC Association, present the SimbiòTIC project, to advance the digital transformation of the third social sector.

CRM system banner
CRM system banner. Font: Pexels.

Did you know that today only 25% of Third Sector entities have a CRM system ? And that 62% have difficulty digitizing and due to the lack of funding and resources to deploy digital tools? The SimbiòTIC project wants to implement a CRM system in more than a hundred social entities. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an application that allows all possible interactions between a company and its customers to be centralized in a single database.

It is promoted by the SinergiaTIC entity with the aim of improving the social care and internal management of the entities that are part of the project, but also of others that may be incorporated later. The idea is to generate software that adapts to the present and future needs of organizations in the third sector.

What advantages does it have?

SinergiaCRM will make it possible to manage fundraising, communication campaigns, direct attention to users, payment commitments or an entity's subsidy records, among other functions, from a single space. In addition, you can create and send forms or surveys through the application itself.

This will make it easier for social organizations to have a comprehensive view of the management of their social base and have up-to- date information , thus improving decision-making and data exchange . The project has resources and support from expert professionals and will bet on resources and support from expert professionals so that the implementation is successful.

SimbiòTIC has been submitted to the call for grants from the Next Generation European Funds, published by the Department of Social Rights. The eight federations of the Third Sector Table and SinergiaTIC will be responsible for carrying out this support process and providing resources to the different entities.