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Digital Government Congress

Posted on 22/07/2019
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Congrés de Govern Digital 2019
Congrés de Govern Digital 2019, for Congrès de Govern Digital. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On September 17th and 18th, the 2019 Digital Government Congress is celebrated. The new edition aims to emphasize all those projects and initiatives that seek a digital transformation of the dynamics, processes and forms of work of public organizations .

With the aim of responding to the new challenges facing us derived from the true social, economic and cultural revolution that digital society is, the new edition of the Digital Government Congress wants to become a forum of reference in Catalonia in Catalonia the field of digital administration.

The conference is specially targeted at senior officials and technicians of the areas and services involved in the transformation and modernization of their institutions, as well as to public and / or private experts in the framework of the digital transformation of organizations .

The program , focusing on 7 inspirational principles (digital governance, digital confidence, digital identity, cultural environment in digital administration , digital public services , proactive and personalized, advanced digital technologies in the 21st Century AAPP and digital infrastructures ) consists of 80 sessions and 9 round tables.

It is organized by the Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya , the Generalitat de Catalunya and LocalRet .

To register, you must fill out the registration form .