Course on legal issues for coworking managers
Course on legal issues for coworking managers. Font: LECO.

This course will be held on 21 November, from 17.00 to 20.00 in Alpha Espai, Barcelona. The price is 80 euros and COWOCAT members have a 10% of discount. Registration can be done by filling out this form. It is organized by COWOCAT and LECO.

Starting in chronological order, from which we chose the place until they reach the coworkers and trying also administrative and fiscal aspects. They will also discuss the data protection law and the law of services of the information society and electronic commerce, among other aspects that are not strictly about coworking spaces, but coworking spaces need to know them to meet its legal obligations as companies.

At LECO they believe that the legal issues can not disengage of the cowrking manager, in order to grow and evolve with their day to day and with their coworkers. Therefore, the course will be taught by a lawyer and a manager of coworking. Between the two, tehy will provide theoretical concepts and case studies to know all the legal, administrative and tax related  issues that link to the management of a space.