Colectic launches the 'Technological Route' project, a 100% free training program aimed at young people aged 16 and over to learn about STEAM professions (which combine science, technology, engineering, mathematics and humanities) in through FLOSS tools (Free Open Source Software or free and socially responsible technologies) and guide them to decide their future work.

Itinerary TEC Colectic
Itinerary TEC Colectic. Author: Collective. 2022. License: BY-SA.

The Technological Route program consists of 122 training hours and 40 hours of practical work in companies. In this training pilot, they will start, from a practical point of view, in some of the new technological specializations through three professional areas : Maintenance of computer equipment and systems in PLL, social-digital revitalization and maker spaces and robotics for the citizens.

Maintenance of computer equipment and systems in PLL (38 hours)

They will learn how to carry out operations as assistants in the assembly and maintenance of microcomputer and peripheral equipment, under the supervision of a manager, applying quality criteria and acting in conditions of safety and respect for the environment.

Social-digital revitalization (38 hours)

They will learn the use of ICT as a socio-educational and community work tool. You will be able to learn how to energize networks and digital spaces open to citizens and gain knowledge in recording and editing videos and podcasts to carry out networking proposals.

Maker spaces and robotics for citizens (38 hours)

They will learn to energize and manage spaces for digital manufacturing and collaborative design using the methodologies and tools of the maker culture (ecodesign and 3D printing, prototyping, digital craftsmanship, bioeconomy, biotechnology, etc.).

Each of these tests is linked to professional certificates, profiles or current professional framework. In addition, 8 hours of training in FOL and communication tools are included. During the project, participatory spaces will be promoted with the aim of transforming the processes into future activities and projects. For more information and registration, sign up via or by phone at 934425867.