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Colectic offers scholarships to improve the teaching and digital skills of professionals

Posted on 26/04/2019
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Logotip del projecte 'Open AE'
Colectic ofereix beques per millorar les habilitats docents i digitals de professionals, for Open AE. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

For improving the teaching and digital skills of professional people in Punt TIC centers and other areas of formal and non-formal competence under the framework of the ' Open AE ' project, Colectic offers a modular course to help people dynamic people and digital trainers to develop free customized training based on open source software and open educational resources.


Open AE ' and Colectic want to offer an opportunity to participate in the previous training during which the subject will be tested and the contents will be adjusted.

For select the training content, an investigation has been carried out with the objective of establishing the necessary competences so that the professionals with the profile of digital trainers can continue doing the work they do in better conditions. One of the elements of the investigation has been the 'focus group' held on March 29, where people involved in the ICT Point Network participated.

It will be held in Barcelona , from 13 to 17 May with a full-time duration. People living in more than 100 km from Barcelona will receive a scholarship of € 710 for diets, accommodation and travel (limited places).

At the end of the project, the curriculum will be available in an open and free way so that anyone can use it throughout Europe, developing if necessary their own version, the one that best suits the needs of their group.

To register, you can send an email to open-ae@colectic.coop

' Open AE ' is a European project that aims to promote free software in the field of non-formal adult education through three main challenges.

  • Promote access and learning through open educational resources .
  • Promote open source technologies in the non-formal education sector to support advanced education and education professionals and adult learners.
  • Go to trainers that work in the non-formal education sector to strengthen digital skills and skills .


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