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Colectic asks for the collaboration of e-facilitators for a European project

Posted on 30/06/2020
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Logotip del projecte 'Open AE'
Colectic fa una crida a dinamitzadors/ores per col·laborar en un 'focus group' del projecte europeu 'Open AE', for Open AE. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

They will have to participate in a 'focus group' that aims to discover what training needs digital trainers and facilitators have. The call is part of the European project ' Open AE ', in which the entity participates, and which seeks to promote free software in the field of non-formal adult education.


The 'focus group' aims to build a resume to work learning digital skills using open technologies and free . The curriculum and tools that will be developed will be aimed at trainers and facilitators  and will be completely free.

In order to make a good diagnosis of the skills needed for professionals with the profile of trainer and digital facilitator to continue doing the work they do with better conditions, Colectic asks facilitators of the Red Punt ICT participate in a 'focus group'. Those interested in doing so must fill out this online form by March 29th. Colectic will contact them to specify the date, time and place for the face-to-face meeting. In return, they will be offered free training (to all those who collaborate)


' Open AE '  is a European project that aims to promote free software in the field of non-formal adult education through three main challenges.

  • Promote access and learning through open educational resources .

  • Promote open source technologies in the non-formal education sector to support the advanced training of adult education professionals and students.

  • Aimed at trainers working in the non-formal education sector to reinforce digital skills and competences .


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