Bootcamp de CodeOp
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CodeOp , a programming school for women in Barcelona, which wants to encourage women, trans people and non-binary people to take a place in the technological world by giving them the skills they need to become potential developers and data engineers and foster a supportive network of professionals who transform the culture of technology.

She has launched a new scholarship program to support women who are financially struggling and want to work in the tech world and develop their technical skills.

The amount of the grant is € 3900 and must be applied to the registration fee: € 7800. The rest of the expenses (€ 3900) can be paid in small and monthly amounts between 0 and 36 months.

The number of scholarships awarded will depend on the number of applications for each program and will be distributed in order of application. They will give 2-5 scholarships for each bootcamp in 2020 .

For Part-time programs in February 2020 there will be three scholarships available and there are still two scholarships left for the 'Full-time' program of January 2020. You can find all the information on the dates of the programs here .


1. Demonstrate financial need .
2. Demonstrate great interest in the technological world .
3. Apply for formal admission to the program. You can do it here .

Scholarship application process

1. Fill this f orm .
2. Requests will be reviewed by CodeOp's executive team.
3. The scholarships will be determined no later than one week after the scholarship application is submitted.