In the second edition, the awarded projects were 'Optivinya' in the primary sector, 'Insectius' in the industrial sector and 'SeniorDomo' in the services sector. Do you want to know more?

Image of the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya
Image of the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya. 2023. Font: Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya. License: All rights reserved.

This autumn, Catalunya Impacta is back, a recognition program for the best initiatives that value the transformative nature of new information and communication technologies on the economic and social fabric of Catalunya. Last Thursday, November 30, at the Sant Pau Modernist Complex, in the city of Barcelona, the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya celebrated the award ceremony.

In the primary sector category within the second edition of the successful contest, the awarded project was 'Optivinya' of the Vallformosa wineries, a remote sensing system that allows the quality and quantity of the vineyard harvest to be monitored with great precision. The system uses drones and satellites to capture multispectral images of the fields that are used to make decisions on pruning, treatments and crop care. In the category of the industrial sector, the award-winning project was 'Insectius' by Jumpets Group, which specializes in the breeding of course and flour beetles as fertilizer and alternative food for fish farms, pets and, potentially, human people The project uses computer vision within the process, a technology that allows detecting the number of pupae and dead larvae in each tray and optimizing the process to the maximum. In the service sector category, the award-winning project was 'SeniorDomo' by Ángel Puertas, who has developed a teleassistance watch for elderly people. The device analyzes the wearer's vital signs in real time and detects falls, pulse abnormalities or when a person with Alzheimer's gets lost, in these cases, the watch automatically calls a family member or trusted person. One of the project's challenges has been balancing technological complexity with ease of use.