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Call to create an app that enhances the travel experience of FGC

Posted on 11/10/2016
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FGCHackapp. Source: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

This is the challenge posed by FGC and apps4citizens to developers. To create the mobile application they have available open data from FGC. Registration is now open. During the month of November the participants will be working on their project, to be presented in December.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalonya (FGC), with the collaboration of apps4citizens, platform for the promotion of technology with social commitment, promotes FGCHackapp, a competition for the development of mobile technology solutions, to promote creativity about the use of open data offered by FGC. The event hopes to encourage all those who wish to develop innovative approaches to enrich the travel experience and use of the facilities of the company.

The participants may use open data offered by the company on the open data portal of the Government of Catalonia and other new data that will be offered in real time on the line of Lleida - La Pobla de Segur, opened recently.

You can participate in teams of up to four people. Registration will be open until November 4th. That day will be a meeting of monitoring and review of the proposals the teams are working. From 15 to 17 November will present the proposals and the teams selected by the jury will have a space in the Smart City Expo. Until Friday December 2 teams will be able to submit their final proposal.

They will reward those applications that are considered most innovative. FGC can complete the development and realization of ideas they consider most useful for improving its range of services.

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