The European Code Week will be held from 15 to 23 October. It aims to approache coding and digital literacy to wverybody in a fun and engaging way. The Punt TIC can play an important role in this, right? We encourage you to participate!

Jornada Codifica't, en el marc de l'Europe Code Week 2014
Jornada Codifica't, en el marc de l'Europe Code Week 2014. Author: Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa PuntTIC. 2014.

Over the next few days, various organizations around Europe will be offering activities around coding, with the conviction that it can provide tools to help adapt to technological changes.

The 2016 edition of the Europe Week Code is to foster involvement of libraries in promoting the coding. So  they have provided this small guide specifically designed to encourage libraries to participate. We believe that the presentation can serve to motivate and guide Punt TIC located in libraries and also other Punt TIC!


Tehy propose eight steps to join:

  1. Take the initiative and organize an event in your library.
  2. Choose the right space.
  3. Set a date.
  4. Choose the theme and the activity.
  5. Add your event to the map of Europe Code Week events.
  6. Manage the activity.
  7. Fill in the feedback form and get your certificate of recognition.
  8. Competition time! Share your event with "Public libraries in 2020" and win!