Instagram LIVE with Emma Fernández and Lídia Santiago on the occasion of the International Day of Girls in ICT
Instagram LIVE with Emma Fernández and Lídia Santiago on the occasion of the International Day of Girls in ICT. Author: OTD Xarxa Punt TIC. 2020. License: BY-SA.

In recent years, the number of girls and women who decide to study and pursue computer science and technology has decreased. And this, in a world as digitalized as the one we live in, is still strange.

To make visible the invisible and superpowered women of before and now who make our lives easier and help us fight the digital gender gap, from the Office of Facilitation of the Punt TIC Network we carried out various actions in the our social channels.

Sharing experiences with ICT girls

At 12 noon. we had the presence of Emma Fernández, participant of Technovation Girls Catalonia and Lídia Santiago, sociodigital dynamizer of Òmnia Torrelles in an Instagram LIVE interview on our channel.

Emma is twelve years old. He is from Barcelona and is in sixth grade. She enjoys sports and goes to urban swimming and dancing classes every week. She’s very curious and restless, so a few years ago she signed up for some robotics classes and now she knows a little bit about Scratch and AppInventor. He doesn’t know he’d like to be great, but he sees that technology is in every profession and thinks it’s very important for his future. This year, she participates in the Technovation Girls Catalonia.

Lidia Santiago has a degree in computer engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He has developed his entire professional career in training and social-digital revitalization. For several years now his passion for technology education has led him to develop an interest in robotics, educational programming and digital manufacturing as a tool for change. She is currently a trainer for children, young people, trainers of trainers and coordinator of digital innovation projects and works at Òmnia Torrelles.

A total of 54 people logged in to enjoy the interview on our channel.

Learning by playing about women, science and technology

Who was the first programmer in history? The inventor of Wi-Fi or the term cyberpunk? One of the other actions we did was a contest on our Instagram stories to learn by playing about women, science and technology. About 50 people participated.

In addition, encouraging messages were sent to the girls throughout the week with the hashtag #NoiesTIC (#ICTgirls) on Twitter and Instagram.

743 encouraging messages have been made on Twitter showing initiatives, activities and benchmarks of ICT women and girls by organizations and people who sent encouraging messages. Thus, the tweets and retweets with the hashtag #NoiesTIC got 97 thousand impressions on screen.

On Instagram, about fifty messages were shared that got a total of 2900 impressions on screen.

We leave you with a collection of some of the messages shared on Twitter. And remember that you can consult the ICT Women’s Repository where we are updating resources on women, science and technology so that you can organize activities for the empowerment of ICT girls and women.