Imatge infants jugant amb un ordinador
Imatge infants jugant amb un ordinador. Author: Pixabay. 2015. License: BY-SA.

What programs and platforms to use? How can you use them? Today we give you 5 tools to start training them for free on basic concepts of the different programming languages that you can learn by playing.

1. (after 4 years) is a non-profit organization that has a web platform for teachers whose goal is to encourage children and young people to learn to program through different online courses and activities. There are different levels available and available in many languages.

2. Run Marco (from 6 years old)

Run Marco is an interactive game to introduce small children to the world of programming and computational thinking. This is a game where you can choose a language and its protagonist, Sofia or Marco, who will help children overcome different challenges and obstacles and will have to choose which options are valid to achieve their goal.

3. Codecombat (from 10 years old)

Codecombat is an online role-playing game to learn how to program using visual tools that simulate a binding battle of education and fun to make programming easy and entertaining. It has 10 basic levels where players will learn four languages: JavaScript, CoffeScript, Lua and Python and is available in several languages.

4. Coding is fun! (from 6 years old)

Coding is fun! It is an online video game that allows you to learn the basic principles of programming solving enigmas with logic. It is designed for children ages 6 to 12, but it is for all audiences. It is only available in English.

5. Lightbot (from 5 years old)

Lightbot is an educational video game that uses mathematical logic in order to guide a robot to overcome different challenges through simple orders that players must create. In addition, it has the ability to play online with other players and share the successes that are being achieved.

And of course you can always use Scratch , the learning environment and visual programming for blogs par excellence, with a great community behind and a multitude of resources available!