CoworkingSpain starts the year by offering people who manage coworking spaces the keys to achieve success in 2018: to promote training and conciliation, to carry out activities outside the center, to take advantage of all the corners of the space and to promote healthy habits.

Liz Elam in Link Coworking
Liz Elam in Link Coworking. Author: Wikimedia Commons. License: BY.

According to the CoworkingSpain coworking space platform, the five actions that should lead the managers of these spaces to have a successful 2018 are the following:

  • Support the training and professional development of and from coworkers.
  • Helping to reconcile the personal and professional lives of the members of your space.
  • Carry out more activities outside the coworking space for the creation of synergies.
  • Take advantage of coworking spaces.
  • Encourage healthy habits in the office.

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