Seminar "Web tools: the content manager"
Seminar "Web tools: the content manager".

Until recently, making a website could be a complicated job if no knowledge was available. Lately these tools have evolved and have given way to the Content Managers that allow you to create a website with ease. This is an online training proposal from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. With Jordi Solé Mercadé, expert in Content Management, participants will see thoroughly how these tools facilitate the updating and maintenance of the web.

The course is totally online and lasts 25 hours. The price is € 173. Registration can already be made. Previous knowledge is not necessary to achieve the academic objectives of this course.

Course program:

  1. Definition of CMS: Origin and evolution, features and functionalities
    1. Content creation
    2. Content management
    3. Publication of contents
    4. Presentation of contents
  2. Types of software and main content market managers.
  3. Applications of the CMS and requirements for its installation and operation.
  4. Design of a web project and content creation
  5. Usability of web spaces
    1. Concept
    2. Evaluation of usability
    3. Benefits of usability
    4. Key ideas for building a usable web
  6. Installing the local server and the content manager
  7. Types of users and Access permissions
  8. Enter the CMS
    1. Add a news item
    2. News style
    3. Modify a news item
  9. Admin of the content manager
    1. Article Manager
    2. Cover manager
    3. Sections / Categories
    4. Menu manager
    5. Upload PDF document (for example) and link it
  10. Additional help to the content manager : new modules and / or plug-ins.