SAX2017: Annual meeting of
SAX2017: Annual meeting of 2 017. is a technological, social and economic project promoted by citizens, whose objective is the creation of an open, free and neutral telecommunications network based on a common model. On August 26 and 27 at Can Pipirimosca, Valls, will be the annual meeting of the users of, organized by the Foundation and the Hacklab de Valls.

The objective of the meeting is to bring together the entire community that participates, to debate the project at the technical, social and organizational level, and open it to the participation of all citizens.

Under the slogan "Health, love and net!", SAX2017 wants to be an event open to everyone, both to the community of as well as to people interested in technology, networks and the Internet, the collaborative economy project and Of communes. There will be talks, workshops, presentations and debates.

Registration is free, but meals and accommodation costs 30 euros per person.



Can Pipirimosca