Collaboratory CatNord
Collaboratory CatNord.

The Col·laboratorio CatNord invites you to a new online plenary . This is a virtual meeting open to all citizens, public administrations, companies, universities and research centers in the demarcation of Girona interested in learning about and/or participating in the CatNord Collaboratorio. Registrations are open.

During the meeting, they will present the status of some innovative projects , as well as more incipient initiatives that are currently being developed in the territory. There will also be space to be able to express concerns, topics or projects of the people attending. The event is organized by Fundació i2CAT and the Secretariat of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


  • welcome
  • Turn of presentations of the assistants and new members
  • Knowledge of the subjects: ethics and artificial intelligence, education and technology, tourism and nature and agriculture
  • We identify projects and refresh those from the previous session
  • Review current needs
  • Upcoming activities of the CatNord Collaboratorio
  • Presentation of the Media Bank
  • Open turn for questions and suggestions
  • closing



Format virtual