Generacions de futur per a les TIC
Generacions de futur per a les TIC.

The Educational Association Itscool , initiative by initiative public - private support of the Government of Catalonia, colleges, universities, professional associations and the Federation of Parents of Catalonia , dedicated since 2013 to promote awareness and the approach to studies in the fields of Information Technology and Communication between primary and secondary students.

Within this framework, organized with the support of the Obra Social La Caixa, the IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications at the UOC, Sigma, and Tecnonews SingularNet. the Conference "Future Generations for ICT" with the aim of sensitizing the prescribers of these studies, parents and teachers, the latest data further university and work and know what they are doing institutions and companies to increase ICT careers of young people.

Attendance is free upon registration at this link . You can view the conference program at this link .



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