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Course: "Tools for videomapping: Micromapping and Architectural Mapping"

From 10/03/2021 - 17:00
to 12/03/2021 - 21:00
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Mapping on the facade of the Barcelona City Council
Mapping on the facade of the Barcelona City Council. 2011. Source: Urano Films

The Sant Angustí Convent organizes a videomapping workshop aimed at musicians, dancers, choreographers, architects, sculptors and all those people related to digital media who are interested in learning about this technique and possible applications for artistic or commercial projects.


  • To know the technique used to make content and videomapping projection.
  • To experiment with different videomapping concepts.
  • To promote the development of projects that require videomapping.
  • To develop a joint project where each of the participants contributes from their professional field.


Videomapping is an artistic and technical resource used to project on large facades of massive events, but also used in small formats such as, for example; museum installations or scenographies. The videomapping has a very spectacular result. With this workshop, you will learn about the technique, content development and real examples that will help you jointly develop a videomapping. No prior knowledge is required. Knowledge in video editing and design are welcome. There will be a practical session on Friday, March 12 at the Cloister

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Wednesday, 10 March, 2021 - 17:00 to Friday, 12 March, 2021 - 21:00
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