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Next Wednesday, September 27 and next Thursday, September 28, an event specializing in artificial intelligence and big data will take place in the AXA auditorium in the city of Barcelona. Don't miss it!

The city of Barcelona will host next Wednesday 27 September and next Thursday 28 September a congress specialized in artificial intelligence and big data. The event will be held in the AXA auditorium, located at Avinguda Diagonal number 547 in the city of Barcelona. This will be the ninth edition and will be organized by the Center of Innovation for Data Tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) and coordinated by Eurecat within the framework of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Catalonia (Catalonia.AI). The event will seek to be a meeting point between professionals, suppliers, companies and entities that are carrying out or that want to promote projects in the field of artificial intelligence and big data. During the congress, the main challenges facing artificial intelligence, trends, best practices, novelties, applications and success stories will be presented. Specifically, the ninth edition will show artificial intelligence application strategies with leading initiatives in which these technologies stand out in their business model. Similarly, the event will analyze the limits that generative artificial intelligence can have from a technological, ethical and legal perspective, especially with regard to intellectual property in the value chain.

Interested persons can register through this link online.