6th edition of the Tech Experience Conference
6th edition of the Tech Experience Conference. 2 017.

Tech Experience Conference is a series of events on the latest technologies, digital marketing, innovation and neuromarketing. Organized by the InfiniteVent Experience event agency, the next edition will be on November 22 in Barcelona.

The congress gives the opportunity to generate business between companies and startups in a technological, game and interaction, but above all, human. This edition aims to be the funniest of all: "A professional event should not be boring."

It is aimed at marketing managers, human resources managers, startup CEOs and decision makers.

This congress collaborates with the Click That Matters Foundation, which collects funds to bring marketing and technology expertise to NGOs and non-profit organizations. Buying the entrance of the Tech Experience Conference will collaborate with a donation of € 5 or higher for the entity.



Former Damm Factory
C / Rosselló, 515