Dones i TIC

Imatge per difondre el Stem Women Congress (SWC) 2019
The Stem Women Congress (SWC) , an initiative that seeks to promote the empowerment of women in the technological world and a joint action plan between institutions and organizations that support the STEM area, is celebrated in Barcelona...
Imatge per difondre el Hackathon per a dones del 16 d'octubre de 2019
SheLeader is an online platform to contribute to the empowerment of women through conferences, trainings, mentoring and online networking in collaboration with Women in Network, CTecno and the Migranodearea...
Imatge per a il·lustrar la notícia sobre el Pla STEMcat
On Tuesday, the 17th of September, the Government of the Generalitat has presented the STEMcat Plan , a pedagogical innovation program to promote scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical vocations at the Montseny school in Barcelona...
Paloma Valdivia, responsable Punt TIC de Palau-solità i Plegamans
La Paloma Valdivia was born in Peru but 10 years ago she has lived in Palau-solità i Plegamans. He came to Catalonia to do a Master's Degree in Educational Planning and Management, and then he already had a Doctorate in Education in Social Pedagogy. Their line of research specialization is...
Embedded thumbnail for 'Until we have women contributing to technological innovation, we will not really experience their power'
Only 30% of women at the international level work in the web development and programming sector .
Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia sobre el Women in Entrepreneurship
Europe has the lowest female participation in entrepreneurship and gender parity is not strong: only 30% of all initial founders of companies in Europe are women. To reverse the situation, the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) organizes...
Imatge per a difondre el programa "Empoderament total: dones i tecnologia" de TV3
One of the challenges of the gender perspective in the field of ICT is to put an end to the digital divide to break with the male and masculine world and achieve parity between men and women . At this point, the...
Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia
On June 27 and 28, 2019 the Women in Entrepreneurship (WER) is celebrated , a project created by the European Young Innovators Forum , the leading...
Dones treballant en equip
The Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) organizes a breakfast-networking next Thursday, July 4 with the collaboration and sponsorship of Barcelona Activa...