Imatge de la trobada territorial de Sant Feliu, maig de 2019
Imatge de la trobada territorial de Sant Feliu, maig de 2019. Author: Oficina Tècnica. 2019. License: BY-SA.

With the territorial meeting of this month of September , facilitators, entities close to the Punt TIC Network and people interested, we will share experiences and synergies around the social innovation at the Punt TIC-Òmnia de la Seu d'Urgell .

The day will be held at the Civic Center Escorxador (Pg. Of Joan Brudieu, 10). We leave the program :

11:00 am Welcome

11:45 h Other projects in the territory - CETAP

12:00 am Meet us!
We will make a dynamic of knowledge between those and those attending from our relationship with the Punt TIC and Innovation Network.

1:30 p.m. Opportunities: Presentation of proposals

They will explain their proposals, where to find the resources and how to contact them.

2:00 pm Lunch break

3:00 pm Featured projects of the ICT Point attendees

4:00 pm Training New craftsmen: Training for facilitators about ideas and resources to introduce and work Maker culture in your ICT Point

5:00 pm Closing

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