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Sant Feliu Innova has a new multimedia training room

Posted on 09/06/2017
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Biblioteca Montserrat Roig
Biblioteca Montserrat Roig, for Plana web de la Biblioteca Montserrat Roig

It is located in the Library Montserrat Roig, which opens on June 10, and the activity of courses offered by the program Sant Feliu Innova in the Punt TIC Palau Falguera will move to this new equipment.

The new Punt TI will be equipped with 15 multipurpose multimedia computers and projection system, digital service courses taught by Sant Feliu Innova and co-designed the Library Montserrat Roig.

This library has been expanded and remodeled and inaugurated on Saturday 10 June at 12.00. The new facility, which has gained nearly 1,000 m2 and 2,100 m2 now incorporates new services and facilities such as a multipurpose hall, a multimedia room for Punt TIC training and space for workshops, among others.

The new multimedia room will host workshops and activities of Scratch and Code Club and other activities. It will also be a space for social innovation and digital 3D printers (they have two, one donated by the Province of Barcelona).

The activities carried out will promote both innovation and creativity and the dissemination and knowledge of new technologies and proposals drawn up jointly with the Library to meet the demands of its users.

Upcoming activities will include:

  • "Social networks, exploit its full potential." Six sessions to learn about the major social networks and their uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...
  • "Digital Photography". Know how to make good pictures and digital albums to collect your experiences summer.
  • Social Innovation Workshop "Youtube for spreading social projects." Workshop conducted by a YouTuber, Noemí Fuster, aimed at disseminating and social projects.
  • STEAM Workshop. "Draw, paint and create electricity." Workshop for the children to discover science in a fun way.

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