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Results of the survey on the employment situation of the professionals of Digital Social Dynamization

Posted on 03/07/2019
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Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia
Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia, for Pixabay. 2018. Licence: BY-SA

During the Social Internet Day 2019 , the Association of professionals of Digital Social Dynamization presented the results of the second online survey on the professional situation of digital social dynamization.

The idea of the survey is based on the need to know , visibilize , regulate and improve the figure of the digital dynamizer . During the year 2017, a first edition was carried out in order to be followed every two years to have a barometer of the state of the profession and analyze if the profile has changed in some aspect.

Some of the most significant results have to do with the profile of the energizing person : mostly women between 35-45 years, who works in Barcelona and whose most outstanding tasks are steps to register, plan and dynamize activities .

All the results of the report can be consulted through this link . From the Association, they encourage to share the results and open the debate with all the people and agents involved.

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