On May 29, the short film "Sol a Peu" was presented in the framework of the Escodines Living Lab - Community co-creation factory of the City Council of Manresa that wants to promote social cohesion in the neighborhood, sustainable human development, co-creation and The use of technologies from a community dimension.

Imatge del projecte creatiu de les Escodines Living Lab - Fàbrica de Cocreació de Manresa
Imatge del projecte creatiu de les Escodines Living Lab - Fàbrica de Cocreació de Manresa. Author: Ajuntament de Manresa. License: All rights reserved.

The implementation of the Escodines Living Lab - Manresa Community Coalition Factory is articulated within the framework of the Community Development Plan of the City Council of Manresa and the purpose is to promote social cohesion in a transversal and transgenerational way .

To achieve this, the project proposes three areas of experimentation : the creation of stories , the recovery of memory and the manufacture of 3D .

The short film "Sol a Peu" , a stop motion creation and popular community cinema that tells the arrival of Ignasi de Loyola in the city of Manresa, was the first activity with which the project was inaugurated on 29 May. The piece, aims to bring heritage , culture and disseminate the value of the city. It has been elaborated with the participation and joint collaboration of different agents of the territory such as the Children's Space of Les Escodines , the Punt Tic of Les Escodines, the Jaume Perramon library, the New Citizens Program, the Painting Workshop and also He has received the support of UManresa.

To promote memory , a space for the creation of videos and digital content has been created so that adults, elderly people and newcomers participate.

The creation and the multimedia art want to promote with a 3D manufacturing space from where to investigate new ways to promote artistic creativity , offering new channels to interact with virtual materials and training in 3D techniques .

The project aims to contribute to the change in the current perception of culture, art and the tourist promotion of the heritage of the Escodines and of Manresa, helping to create a new paradigm and foster the identity of the scoreline as a cohesive element and social vertebration.