Inserció laboral a l'Òmnia de Mollet
Inserció laboal a l'Òmnia de Mollet. Author: Òmnia Mollet. 2016. License: All rights reserved.

During eight days of July the course participants worked CV, cover letter, email, job search through the Job Active and Infojobs platforms, among others. In addition, customized job search for each participant according to their experience and professional interests.

The aim of the course was to provide tools for more effective job search, according to the assessment of progress they have made their leaders, these were achieved. In addition, eight of the nine participants got the diploma.

This activity was organized by the Municipal Occupational Training and Employment with the support of the Office of Labor Mollet del Vallès and in collaboration with the Directorate General for Civic Action and Community of the Government of Catalonia.