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Comunidad de Telecentros celebrates Internet Day with a webinar on educational robotics

Posted on 16/05/2017
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Educational robotics in Fundación Esplai
Educational robotics in Fundación Esplai, for Fundación Esplai

The webinar will start broadcasting at 11.00 am and will be led by Gabriel González from Fundación Esplai. In the afternoon, there will be a virtual meeting of telecentres.

Comunidad de Redes de Telecentros joins the World Day of Telecommunications and Information Societ, held on 17 May. This year it involves more than 800 promoters from 24 countries.

The webinar "Educational Robotics" will air at 11 am through the website of the community. Will be led by Gabriel González (e-inclusion area of Esplai Foundation), which is responsible for the project ConectaCODE of Red Conecta and through which promotes the introduction of programming and code creation at an early age. The project aims to encourage more creative uses of technology and to promote children and young people to develop skills and strategies for solving problems and creating their own software. Esplai Foundation has also developed a methodology and training content to train facilitators in this area, so that later they can develop activities in the telecentres.

At 5 pm there will be a virtual meeting of telecentre from different networks that form the association. Will be moderated by Joaquín Delgado Torrents and will be streamed. They will show how the day is being celebrated in different regions.

You can send questions to the webinar and the meeting with the hashtags #Telecentros and #diadeinternet.

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