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Capturing female technological talent

Posted on 29/05/2019
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The second edition of SheStartup , organized by allWomen and collaboration of Typeform, Letgo, Xing, King and Haufe, will be held on June 21 to promote the incorporation of technologic women to the teams of the most leading startups in Barcelona.

The day is free and open mainly to women in the field of technology and also men interested in the subject.

It will take place on Juny 21 from 17-21h . in the Old Factory Estrella Damn where experts and experts from different outstanding startups: Wallapop, Holaluz, Badi, Red Points, Signaturit, Adsmurai, Cooltra and Glovo will present their "tech" and digital keys , business models and talent needs.

Each of the participating companies will give a masterclass and there will be a space for the exchange of needs and professional opportunities for the people attending.

During the first edition , more than 300 women from different technological and digital profiles participated as full stack, web / front-end, back-end or mobile developers; data scientists, product managers, UX / UI, social media managers, digital marketing profiles, etc.


5:00 p.m. Welcome to Bstartup and AllWomen. First round of interesting startups that share their technological secrets and look for women in technology

  • 17:05 - Glovo: The evolution of payments to Glovo - Sergey Shavrin, head of the technical team
  • 17: 30h - Wallapop: change the rules of the game: how to enrich gender diversity in our team - Rocío Ortega, Android developer
  • 17: 55h - Adsmurai: Important goals - Fátima Rodriguez, product manager
  • 18: 20h - Holaluz: leading the energy to Agile - Co-founder and CEO of Carlota Pi and Javier Alloza, CTO

18: 45h. Second round of most interesting startups that share their technological secrets and look for women in technology

  • 19:05 - Signed: An unexpected trip: how I recovered the passion for coding in Signaturit - Laura Escobar, developer of Back End and Karla Palma, responsible for People & Culture
  • 19: 30h - Red Points: Image Recognition, a powerful tool for online brand protection - Danae Vara Borrell, Vice President of Product
  • 19: 55h - Badi: from business objectives to development requirements - Elena González, owner of the product
  • 20: 20h - Cooltra: Changing an APP in 1 night - Natalia Gabirondo - IT Manager

20: 45h. Close

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