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BDN Lab already has its coworking space

Posted on 17/01/2018
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Coworking space in BDN Lab, Badalona
Coworking space in BDN Lab, Badalona, for BDN Lab. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

BDN Lab is a digital publishing and manufacturing center located in Badalona that brings together different types of technology at the service of education and the maker field. So far it had two spaces, the FabLab and the Edulab, and now they open the third one: 300 square meters available to entrepreneurs.

On the second floor of the BDN Lab building we can find the coworking space for this project. Its inauguration has been delayed a few months, but now it is already available to entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups.

From BDN Lab they explain that this new space of cotreball is open to receive coworkers and offers the following services and infrastructures:

• Fixed, flexible and weekly jobs.
• Internet access via wifi and cable (optical fiber).
• Meeting rooms (prepared for video and audio conferences and multimedia presentations).
• Skype booth (private videoconference).
• Network and photocopy printing service.
• Private lockers.
• Dressing room with showers.
• Office kitchen.
• Rest area.
• Virtual office (possibility to domicile the company).

You can get to know the BDN Lab better by watching this video: