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The points of Òmnia de Ripoll join forces for the celebration of coexistence

Posted on 14/10/2019
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Cartell de l'activitat per a la realització d'un mura col·lectiu a Ripoll per la festa de la Convivència del 26 d'octubre
Cartell de l'activitat per a la realització d'un mura col·lectiu a Ripoll per la festa de la Convivència del 26 d'octubre. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Several points of Òmnia de Ripoll join the celebration of Coexistence and the diversity of October 26 with the realization of a collective mural based on the technique of burlap.

On October 26, everyone who wants to have an appointment with the celebration of Coexistence and diversity in Ripoll . The initiative has the support of a handful of entities from the territory such as the Muslim Youth Association of El Ripollès, The MAP Foundation, El Casal la Metxa, The Social Economy Network, among others, and the collaboration of the " Ripoll City Council.

The program will take place in the Plaza de la Sardana with different events from mid-morning until evening. The organization stressed that there will be a main activity: the creation of a mural that represents the acceptance of diversity in the Ripoll society. The points of Òmnia de Ripoll ( Punt Òmnia La Devesa , Punt Òmnia Ripoll 60 and Punt Òmnia Eudald Graells ) have appealed to the public to collect the largest number of pieces of clothing, before October 17.

The creation of this mural will be realized through a workshop of burlapas in the Eudald Graells Hall of the City Hall with great reception, especially from Maghreb women. Using the burlap as a support, the participants will be invited to open their own story, through imagery and memories, to then capture freely and in images, some piece of their biography on the burlap. The technique to be used will be applied to fabric.

This workshop, which wants to collect different life stories from the people of the region, arises as a result of an activity that was carried out at the Punt Òmnia La Devesa , when the origins of the people attending the course and a workshop of names were worked in different languages that will give you the touch of Òmnia Ripoll60 with your children.

The Òmnia Points have added an effort to show everyone what they do and contribute experiences in the community. During the festival, other entities that will provide their grain of sand as the circus association of Ripollès. In addition, you can practice sports and make food tastings from different countries, for example, from vegan couscous. The end and end of the festival of diversity in Ripoll will be a musical activity.

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