Impressora 3D
The Generalitat of Catalonia today published the provisional resolution of the call for grants for the acquisition of hardware linked to digital...
Imatge de la Jornada de dinamització de la Internet Social 2018
In the year 2018 we prepared the network for new challenges during the Day of dynamization of the Social Internet 2018. This year, we want to face...
Codeclub 2020 a les biblioteques de Barcelona
Public Libraries of Barcelona offer to organize a Code Club quarter so that children from 9 to 12 years old can enjoy free programming workshops...


Portada del llibre "Creative Commons per a educadors/es i bibliotecaris/es"
The Creative Commons organization, in collaboration with the American Library Association (ALA) , creates a book for educators and librarians .

Dones i TIC

Bootcamp de CodeOp
CodeOp Women's Programming School opens a 2020 scholarship program to support those who want to...
II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores
Are you the co-founder or CEO of a tech startup ? Are you looking for funding to...
Imatge per difondre les sessions a les biblioteques de la Technovation 2020
The Spiral Education and Technology Association holds informative sessions in January in different libraries in...

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