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What color is your behavior in social networks?

Posted on 16/02/2017
icona de so
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The ColorLab department of the School of Design in Sabadell, is responsible for proposing what colors will trend in fashion textiles. To do so previously performed an exhaustive analysis of any conflict or social problems that the team becomes a color chart through a semiotic interpretation.

For autumn/winter 2018/2019 have been set in our behavior on social networks. After analyzing hundreds of photographs and different ways to interact through networks they have defined four user profile: the impostor, the curious, the impatient and the exhibitionist. Each of these profiles is assigned a pantone. This project, along with the start of a qualification in its own Smart Design are an example of the ESDi commitment to rapprochement between the world of technology and design. To learn more about the project, we encourage you to watch the video!


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