Segell "Sóc smart" de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Post to 16/10/2019
The Government of Catalonia has created the "I am smart" badge to reward the efforts of town councils in the promotion and application of innovative technological solutions to become smart cities. The first stamps will be awarded during the...
Jornada Territorial a la Seu d'Urgell
Post to 30/09/2019
On Thursday, September 19th , activists, promoters and other agents of the Punt TIC Network attended a new territorial meeting in La Seu d'Urgell at...
Imatge per il·lustrar el projecte “Mixtura”, la nova comunitat d’emprenedoria social a Salt
Post to 27/09/2019
"Mixtura" is the new tool to boost the active community of people committed to social transformation in Salt to position the municipality as a reference in social innovation . It is...
Imatge del projecte Triangulum
| Event Date: 30/09/2019
Post to 26/09/2019 | Event Date: 30/09/2019
L'Ajuntament de Sabadell participa en el projecte Triangulum i realitza el 30 de setembre de 14.30-16.30h un seminari web formatiu sobre governança i principis al voltant de les dades obertes (open data).
Imatge per difondre la Maker Faire Barcelona 2019
Post to 25/09/2019
Under the theme "Towards a circular economy: Reivise, Rediscover, Repair, Reuse and Recycle ", the 6th edition of the Maker Faire Barcelona is held on the 5th and 6th of October at the Bostik Nave in Barcelona ....
Imatge per difondre el VAG 2019
Post to 18/09/2019
On October 4 and 5, the Video Art Game (VAG), the cultural event on video games and digital art , will be held where the digital entertainment industry will meet.
Imatge del projecte europeu Triangulum
| Event Date: 18/09/2019
Post to 17/09/2019 | Event Date: 18/09/2019
El proper dimecres 18 de setembre de 2019 al Centre d’Empreses industrials de Can Roqueta de Sabadell, l'Ajuntament de Sabadell organitza, en el marc del projecte europeu Triangulum, una formació presencial per conèixer iniciatives...
Imatge per a il·lustrar la notícia sobre la tercera convocatòria Wifi4EU
Post to 16/09/2019
The European initiative WIFI4EU establishes the requirement for 2020 that public spaces have a free wifi connection of quality in city councils in Europe. On September...
Imatge per difondre es les bases per a projectes d'especialització i competitivitat territorial PECT
Post to 05/09/2019
The Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat has published the regulatory ...
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