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A funding forum for women entrepreneurs ICT

Posted on 20/01/2020
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II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores
II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores, for Keiretsu Forum. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Are you the co-founder or CEO of a tech startup ? Are you looking for funding to grow? On February 5, the III Investment Forum for Women Entrepreneurs will be held, created by K eiretsu Forum in conjunction with the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Those startups that want to participate must meet the following requirements : Have a female entrepreneur who is a founder or partner, be a technology company with a multisector profile , where technology is the key value of the business, or work with disruptive technologies .

Particularly valuable will be those startups that generate technology , or that are relevant in the business value chain, that is:

  • Companies seeking an investment of € 50,000 to € 500,000, either in capital or loans.
  • Company value below € 2.5M
  • Companies already formed, although they do not necessarily have to have previous funding rounds
  • Team made up of more than one person
  • Invoicing or in the marketing phase

The Third Investment Forum for Women Entrepreneurs will take place on Wednesday , February 5 in EVERIS LIVING LAB (Carrer de Pedro i Pons, 6, 08034 Barcelona). Interested companies must formalize the proposal using the following form , and when completed, they must send it by email to presidencia@keiretsuforum.com.

As a result of this first evaluation, 8-10 companies will be selected to be presented to the Selection Committee (Deal Screening). Those who are selected for the Forum will enjoy preparation workshops .

For more information on the selection process and workshops, you can visit this website.

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