Bootcamp de CodeOp
Post to 16/12/2019
CodeOp Women's Programming School opens a 2020 scholarship program...
Imatge per a difondre el Campus d'Estiu de Punt TIC 2019
Post to 01/07/2019
This summer, from Punt ICT , we offer you three training actions to learn new tools and incorporate them into your spaces.
Imatge per difondre la tercera edició dels Premios WONNOW
Post to 17/02/2020
The WONNOW 2020 Awards , organized by CaixaBank and Microsoft Ibérica , aim to reward undergraduate students of careers with less female presence in the area of science, technology...
Cartell del cicle sobre dones i ciència de la Residència d'Investigadors
| Event Date: 03/02/2020 to 24/02/2020
Post to 03/02/2020 | Event Date: 03/02/2020 to 24/02/2020
The Higher Council of Scientific Research - CSIC , the Institution Milá i Fontanals and the Residence of Researchers organize a...
II Fòrum d'Inversió de Dones Emprenedores
Post to 20/01/2020
Are you the co-founder or CEO of a tech startup ? Are you looking for funding to grow? On February 5, the III...
Open House CodeOp
| Event Date: 23/10/2019
Post to 14/10/2019 | Event Date: 23/10/2019
Premis Dona TIC 2019
Post to 14/10/2019
On Tuesday, October 8 , the 2019 Women's Tendering Gala 2019 , organized by the Secretary of Digital Policy of the Generalitat, was held at Sala Barts in Barcelona.
Premis Dona TIC 2019
Post to 04/10/2019
Els Premis Dona TIC busquen donar visibilitat a dones de l'àmbit tecnològic i animar les nenes i dones joves a estudiar enginyeries i assumir posicions de lideratge en el sector....
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