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Citilab hosts the OpenDataLab school, public open data

Posted on 10/04/2017
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Logotip de l'OpenDataLab
Logotip de l'OpenDataLab, for Citilab. 2017. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Citilab Barcelona Open Data Initiative and drive the first school of public open data Bajo Llobregat. Wants to become the reference space knowledge, training and promotion of entrepreneurship based on open data. It was officially launched on 6 April, the workshop "The value of open data for my organization."

The workshop was led by Carlos Cuffí , director of programs and digital transformation of the Mobile World Capital. The free workshops will be one of the proposals of the OpenDataLab , also offer certified training for the Open Data Institute and organize meetings Drinks & Date to exchange and debate about open data and other actions to stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem around open data.

At the meeting of 6 April also presented the main objectives of the initiative, training and dissemination of the various actions to be undertaken throughout the year. Attending the event were Javier González Abad , director of Citilab and Lourdes Muñoz , president of the nonprofit entity initiative Barcelona Open Data .

All activities will take place in the OpenDataLab Citilab facilities. They deliver modular training four hours, so it can be taken as capsules specific interests of the students, or complete itineraries consist of several modules, which will be accredited by the Open Data Institute (ODI).

To facilitate access to this training, people living in Cornellà enjoy a 10% discount on registration and open a call by scholars unemployed person with knowledge of programming, resident in the metropolitan area Barcelona, interested in taking the full itinerary of developing mobile applications. This grant will cover 80% of the total cost of the course.

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