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Presentació del Mapa de competències digitals al I Congrés de Competències Digitals
Post to 17/02/2020
On December 4, the 1st Digital Skills Congress was held at the Cibernarium where the Digital Skills Map was presented. We tell you the...
Logo de l'ACTIC
Post to 07/01/2020
The Telecentre of the Regional Council of the Ribera d'Ebre creates the training course for the preparation of the ACTIC mid level digital skills...
Primer Congrés de Competències Digitals ACTIC 2019
Post to 07/01/2020
On December 4, the 1st ACTIC Digital Skills Congress was held at the Cibernàrium in Barcelona.
Imatge del Congrés de Competències Digitals: Eines per a una ciutadania digital
Post to 19/11/2019
The Digital Departments of Digital Mathematics Congress: Digital Citizens Tools for Digital Citizenship, held on December 4 in ...
Imatge del programa ACTIC
| Event Date: 08/10/2019 to 24/01/2020
Post to 22/09/2019 | Event Date: 08/10/2019 to 24/01/2020
El Punt TIC de l'Alta Ribagorça implementa l'acreditació ACTIC, un programa semestral de la Generalitat de Catalunya de formació en...
Imatge per difondre el projecte europeu ‘DIGIT’ - ‘Boston Competences for a responsible us i of online identity’
Post to 10/09/2019
The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) seeks educators who want to try training materials on digital identity for adults and provide the necessary educational tools and support tools for adult educators.
Post to 29/04/2019
Through this second edition , AMETIC, the employer of the Spanish technological and digital sector, wants to promote and recognize the talent that empowers digital transformation.
Fotografia d'una sessió formativa del Punt TIC de l'Alta Ribagorça
Post to 20/03/2019
The ICT Point of Alta Ribagorça, in collaboration with the Regional Council and the Office of Youth Services (OSJ), wants to improve the professional digital skills of young people in the territory to provide them with tools that help them...
ALL DIGITAL Week's logo
Post to 19/12/2017
This has been announced by the pan-European network ALL DIGITAL. It has also announced the date on which this awareness raising campaign on digital competencies for inclusion and employment...
Courses on digital skills by IOC
Post to 14/12/2017
One of the ways to show digital competences in Catalonia is the COMPETIC certificate. It has three levels, equivalent to those of the ACTIC certificate. The Open Institute of Catalonia (IOC) offers training to achieve the highest level of this certificate: the COMPETIC 3. From 12 to 19 December...
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