Meeting about social digital innovation
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On May 25 will take place in Barcelona the conference "The new paradigm of open science and innovation: challenges and opportunities for Catalonia". It is part of the workshops on the joint quadruple helix innovation system of Catalonia, which is part of the current debate is the European Union.
Meeting about social digital innovation
| Event Date: 25/05/2017
Post to 10/05/2017 | Event Date: 25/05/2017
The meeting is part of the workshops on the joint quadruple helix innovation system of Catalonia, part of the current debate is the European Union.
Presentació CatLab Barcelona
Post to 18/04/2017
Here is the second installment of video presentations program CatLab agents of innovation in the region.
Presentació CatLab Tarragona
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The program CatLab was presented during the months of February and March to different innovation agents in the territory of seven Catalan towns.
Entrevista Ricard Faura
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Now that the sessions have ended regional network CatLab from the
Presentació CatLabs Barcelona
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The program aims to articulate a true participatory innovation system and open to all citizens.
CatLabs arrives ito Camp de Tarragona
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"We organize these meetings in order to be closer to the social digital innovation system in the region" said Ricard Faura, Head of Digital Inclusion and Training of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Digital Society, during the presentation of the program of government CatLabs.
The government presents the program CatLaba to agents that make innovation in the Terres de l'Ebre
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The government delegate in Terres de l'Ebre, Xavier Pallarès, chaired this morning the session of presentation of the program CatLabs, which the government approved last November and aims to promote social and digital innovation in Catalonia and simultaneously articulate a network of regional...
CatLabs Manresa
Post to 02/03/2017
The presentation sessions of CatLabs program reach their Ecuador with the meeting held on March 1 in Manresa. They have gathered fifteen innovation agents of Central Catalonia, in order to know the CatLabs program and Network, as well as to exchange experiences and create synergies.
Presentació CatLabs Girona
Post to 23/02/2017
Attendees, very active, are located in a new meeting to study possible areas of collaboration and exploit the potential of the territory.
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